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I’m Sara. I’ve spent some time a moving river in a few corners of the world, but I’ve always found comfort in the humble Appalachian mountains I grew up in.

I started seeing a river as less of needing to keep moving and more of being able to shape what’s around it. So here I go, pondering roots and ramblin’.

Recent Ponderings

Playlist: New Orleans, LA (Driving & Long Weekend)

There’s no scene to set with this one. If you’re rolling in at nighttime either across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge or the I-10 Twin Span Bridge, it’s pitch dark over the bayou and you can see the city glow from what feels like a million miles away. It’s really hard to walk around this…

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Playlist: Steele, Alabama (Driving & Camping)

Here we go. You’re driving from the heart of Appalachia. Along I-81 or some twisting parallel backroad equivalent in Cherokee or Nantahala National Forests. You come out from the mountain ridge known as Lookout Mountain and you’re in Alabama. Final(ish) destination: the top of Chandler Mountain, about 50 miles from Birmingham.

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Alternate Views: Paddle to See the Cherry Blossoms

Pandemic or not, cherry blossom season always gets crowded around the Tidal Basin. I mean, yeah, they’re all elegantly hanging over the rippling basin in varying shades of pinks and whites and you get to glance across at the Jefferson Memorial. If foot traffic isn’t your thing, you can always try riding the ripples of…

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Get it while the gettin’s good

About Sara Lea

📍 Washington, D.C.

I’m a PR and marketing professional turned filmmaker with a background in environmental journalism, where I fell in love with public lands, environmental history, and science/climate communication. Biking is my favorite mode of city transportation and I tend to view things through a nature lens. As someone passionate about the planet and protecting it, D.C. makes a lot of sense.

Having grown up an Appalachian, I have a particular interest in the American Southeast and enjoy tying those perspectives into larger views, movements, and cultures.

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