Hey y’all.

I’m Sara. I’ve spent some time a moving river in a few corners of the world, but I’ve always been drawn to the comfort in the humble Appalachian mountains I grew up in.

I started seeing a river as less of needing to keep moving and more of being able to shape what’s around it. I used to have a Southern chip on my shoulder, but decided it did more good to embrace it in the right ways. So here I go, pondering and ramblin’.

Recent Ponderings

Playlist: Fayetteville, West Virginia (Driving & Lake Swimming)

There’s something about turning from I-66 onto I-81 that alerts your brain that you’re heading back into the heart of Appalachia. I used to think people who had this heartfelt connection with ‘Country Roads, Take Me Home’ were overstatin’ it — until I was turning onto I-64 W driving home from D.C. one day and…

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Playlist: New Orleans, LA (Driving & Long Weekend)

There’s no scene to set with this one. If you’re rolling in at nighttime either across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge or the I-10 Twin Span Bridge, it’s pitch dark over the bayou and you can see the city glow from what feels like a million miles away. It’s really hard to walk around this…

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Playlist: Steele, Alabama (Driving & Camping)

Here we go. You’re driving from the heart of Appalachia. Along I-81 or some twisting parallel backroad equivalent in Cherokee or Nantahala National Forests. You come out from the mountain ridge known as Lookout Mountain and you’re in Alabama. Final(ish) destination: the top of Chandler Mountain, about 50 miles from Birmingham.

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About Sara Lea

📍 Washington, D.C.

I’m a PR and marketing professional turned filmmaker with a background in environmental journalism, where I fell in love with public lands, environmental history, and science/climate communication. Biking is my favorite mode of city transportation and I tend to view things through a nature lens.

Having grown up a Southern Appalachian, I have a particular interest in the American South and enjoy tying those perspectives into larger views, movements, and cultures — especially environmental.

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